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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Spring Seasonal Colour and Sunshine

All the spring flowers are looking their best and the suns out. The Nursery tunnels are bursting with seasonal colour.

It is not just flowers that are looking gorgeous. The pussy Willow, salix and garrya and hazel catkins are wonderful.

There is plenty to pop in pots or brighten up a border. A sprinkle of violas in a basket or a few potted bulbs can go anywhere and cheer us up.

Its always a lovely time of year when the daffodils start appearing.

Its definitely a day for working in the garden.
I've been out chopping back last years perennials and hoeing the weeds taking care not to hit the bulbs coming through. The ground so moist the weeds have come up so easily. I can see where the gaps are to plant some more perennials such as more rudbeckias, Verbena bodnariensis and asters which I can enjoy them this year.
Mulch up your borders with some good muck or compost to add some nutrition and keep the moisture in and feed if it needs it. Boxes of slow release or fish blood and bone. I've sprinkled slow release on all my garden pots and you will spot me today sprinkling slow release on all the nursery shrubs!

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