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Friday 1 March 2024

Mother's Day

Perfect potted baskets for Mother's Day
Enjoy spring colour in our beautiful terracotta Mother's Day baskets

March Gardener’s Calendar

March is the month the garden really wakes up. The spring primroses are gorgeous, lots of bulbs are coming through there is some early blossom on the tree. Daphne odora will bless us with its fragrance, magnolias will look their best, camellias are out now. Many alpines are out in flower and they look so pretty. It's a great month. Everything is fresh.

Monday 5 February 2024

Choosing an Early flowering Clematis

Clematis armandii

There are lots of early flowering Clematis  that definitely deserves an acknowledgement.
Cirrhosa varieties, cartmanii types, alpina, macropetala, montana and armandii are all widely available. 

Evergreen Climbing Plants

Tracelospermum jasminoides 

Often when you want a shrub to cover a wall or fence you want it to really cover it so you don't see it. An evergreen might be the perfect all year round choice. 

Spring Starts Here

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Friday 2 February 2024

February Gardener's Calendar

Spring is coming. Snowdrops are just in flower. Daffodils are opening soon and the hellebores look stunning. It is time to get back out in the garden.

Saturday 20 January 2024

Instant Winter colour and Spring is Round the Corner

 It feel like spring is just around the corner. Our seasonal tunnel is bursting with spring bedding and bulbs already. There is so much colour to enjoy.

Thursday 18 January 2024

Witch Hazel caught in the Snow

This is winter at its best. These flowers are just so captivating.

Witch Hazel

Sarcococca Confusa Or Christmas Box


Sarcococca Confusa is a small leafed glossy green hardy evergreen with sweet scented small stringy flowers in winter often at Christmas or just after hence the common name Christmas Box.

Mahonia A Tough Winter Shrub

Mahonia is a great thug of a shrub. A massive holly like evergreen. But is it not worth it for these magnificent yellow plumes in January.

Winter Garden Plants


I love winter gardens, the unusual flowers, the bark, the berries the winter stems then the bulbs. Its understated but when you looks it's very beautiful and sadly we don't plant enough winter colour.

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Shrubs That Flower In Winter and Early Spring


Viburnum Tinus One of the Best Fragrant Winter Flowering Hardy Evergreen

Viburnum Tinus

Simply looking amazing is the viburnum tinus.  I love everything about this large evergreen shrub. Numerous varieties are available  from basic tinus to, Spirit, Gwenllian, Lisa Rose, Purpurea and French White, Spring Bouquet. The differences are very slight and I have yet to tell them all apart. The flowering time vary slighty as does the blossom colour. I have a garden full of the Viburnum tinus and I does really well and I hasten to add it has a lovely fragrance.

Flowers For The Winter- Hellebore and Viburnum tinus


Viburnum tinus Spirit (evergreen shrub) with Helleborus 'Ice N' Roses Red'

A Winter Interest Plant List

A Winter Plant List

Creating A Good Winter Garden

Grumbles about winter gardens are not justified. The fault lies firstly with us and our fair weathered nature. We shop when its warm and buy what we see in flower in May and June and miss the winter flowers. I am generalising. Go shopping on a mid winters day and you will then appreciate we have colour all winter.

January Sale

January Gardener's Calendar

As real winter hardy gardeners we know there are some very beneficial outdoor hands on winter jobs from which your garden will truly benefit this month. Many suggested gardening task lists may seem limited to preparatory jobs and whilst these are important, I urge you to get your wellies on grab a spade and show that wheel barrow some action. A gardeners work is never done. 
We have had the shortest day so herald spring is on its way and lets be ready.

Thursday 23 November 2023

Celebrating The Tipi


The Tipi is celebrating, it's now been open 2 years
And look some of what's coming soon

December Gardener's Calendar.

It’s all about taking a few sensible steps to protect the garden from the unpredictable weather we may have to come over the winter.

Saturday 18 November 2023

Christmas Gardener's Shopping List


Christmas Gardeners Shopping list

Are you stuck for a gift but your friend or relative is a keen gardener. I hope my gardener's list helps to give you some ideas.

Thursday 16 November 2023

Simple Hardy Autumn Winter Container Combinations


These are just a small selection of hardy plants that can be combined to make pretty autumn winter containers.

Hardy Winter Containers


Every season we reserve one of the tunnels for seasonal interest perfect for pots and containers. There is a myth that the winter is dull. It is a myth. The colour may not be flower dependant though there is no shortage of flower with violas and hellebores, cyclamen and bellis to highlight a few.

Planting Autumn Winter Pots


Here are the ingredients for my autumn winter pots.

Autumn Winter Bedding Cyclamen For Baskets And Pots


Winter bedding cyclamen. Perfect to brighten up autumn, winter pots, baskets and containers.