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Saturday, 1 February 2020

Spring Fresh Alpine Pots

Perfect hardy containers all year round but particularly lovely are spring planted low growing alpine containers. Pots, bowls and sinks don't give you any height but placed on the door step or a garden table or featured spot can be just perfect.

There are low maintenance, hardy and easy to plant yourself. Mix half  Rose Tree and Shrub compost with Alpine Grit and plant. Sprinkle some grit around the alpines when you finish. It really is that easy! These are very hardy plants that like to drain not sit in water. Water passes through and down the slopes on an alpine mountain and its very exposed.Most alpines are very hardy.

There are a wealth of pretty alpines all springing into flower looking very dainty and pretty and there are also some luscious succulent plants like stonecrops and sempervirens that mix well. I find some of the low herbs such as thyme and prostrate rosemary which also like gritty drained soil mix well in these pots. As a finishing touch it’s nice to add a few alpine violas.

Favourite choices for me are saxifrage in its multitude of fresh white shades or I love the deep red flowers. Blue or white campanulas will spread out well but you can easily dig a bit up and pop it in the garden for ground cover. Thrift is a fantastic ground covering alpine ideal in pots. Soft pink, deep pink or white pom pom heads and an evergreen grassy mat foliage.

These are pots to play with the selection is quiet vast the colours are all there to choose and have a very long season of interest.

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