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Thursday 31 August 2023

Late Summer Colour

It's a riot of colour on the nursery with late summer perennials. There are so many herbaceous perennials that you could be adding to your borders to keep that explosion of colour going.

It may be time to trim back some of your early summer perennials to encourage a second flush of flower in a few weeks. Chop back any finished flowers. 
Possibly sprinkle on some feed if they look tired. Even consider a mulch of organic matter. That's compost or soil conditioner or just spent compost. It will help keep the moisture in. It will all help revive the early summer border.Trickle it now and it will look fresh again soon.

Don't despair get excited there are herbaceous plant flowering right throughout the year. ⚘This is why it is important to come out plant hunting every season. Gardens need never be dull whether it be January or July. We have flowers. We just need not to be fair weathered Gardeners ! There is some beautiful colour even in winter.

Flowering now in the herbaceous plants there are achilleas, agapanthus, asters, geraniums, scabious, penstemons, knautia, salvia, helenium, leucanthemum, echinacea, sedum, delphinium, crocosima, astromeria, kniohofia, agastache, galardia, lobelia, verbena, digiplexus, nepeta, osteospemum, rudbeckia, nepeta, rudbeckia phlox , allium, gaura and perovskia to name but a few. These are the plants that may retire underground in the winter but should pop back up this time next year and flower again.

Look now at how many perennials are actually flowering mid to late summer.

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