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Thursday 16 November 2023

Hardy Winter Containers


Every season we reserve one of the tunnels for seasonal interest perfect for pots and containers. There is a myth that the winter is dull. It is a myth. The colour may not be flower dependant though there is no shortage of flower with violas and hellebores, cyclamen and bellis to highlight a few.

Gorgeous winter pot made using the ingredients from our seasonal colour. Skimmia, cyclamen, pernettya, grasses, ivy and euonymus. We can soon make up a pot to order if you have something else in mind.

This is a beautiful season of textured grasses, heathers evergreen ferns varying shades of evergreen and berries. Almost all the plants we use are hardy and great to plant in containers for instant garden gratification. There is a second bonus. Most can be planted out in the garden when you want to change your pots for summer bedding.

A winter pot like this is easy to make. Start with a good compost then fill with grasses, small evergreens, ivy and all from the autumn winter bedding we have out  in our seasonal colour tunnel. The main shrub is a skimmia and we have used heuchera in a deep red to compliment and contrast.

Here is an autumn winter basket. White can look so effective particularly as the light levels drop. I think it makes the green ferns, grasses, and lime heuchera look really fresh. There is little white hellebore to come out later.

Stronger colours in this basket. It Includes evergreens a fern. violas and cyclamen. The red berries are a gaultheria a small ground cover evergreen and creamy pink ajuca is trailing with an ivy like habit through the moss. We have used ericaceous compost to allow for the acid loving plants included.

A sprinkle of colour as you see can be easily achieved in a fading garden. It is instantly brought everything back into full colour and it certainly is not going to need a lot of looking after.

Whilst your looking for colour don't forget to plant a few lasagne pots with spring bulbs topped with violas for colour now and full of anticipation for a long season of spring colour. Definitely an investment worth making.

A few more autumn winter pot ideas.