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Thursday 16 November 2023

Simple Hardy Autumn Winter Container Combinations


These are just a small selection of hardy plants that can be combined to make pretty autumn winter containers.

I went round with my wheel barrow and gathered a small selection of plants to show how easy it is to combine them in pots and make up something colourful.

I have a variagated Abelia xgrandiflora, a heuchera Black Taffeta, a Polystichum Munitum evergreen fern, a Carrex Evergold grass, a Heucherella Sweet Tea, a Leucothoe Wateri ericaeceaus evergreen shrub, Sage Tricolour, thyme, rosemary Ajuga Burgundy Glow and another grass, Carex Roman Bronze.

Leucothoe Wateri, Carrex Evergold, Heuchera Black Taffeta

Combining plants that will trail, plants that will fluff and fill and a stunning evergreen in colours that tone is a very similar principle to putting an outfit together. Make it match or contrast and flow.
Contasting yellow against burgundy is striking.The rusty red and the almost black red tone with the yellow.

Sage Tricolour, Heuchera Black Taffeta and Ajuga Burgundy Glow.
Silvers and reds always look like a classy combination.

Leucothoe Wateri, Heucherella Sweet Tea, Abelia xgrandiflora

Apricot and red tones look great together. Heuchella have deep red veins that pick out the rich shades in the other plants.

Wellness planting appears to be a popular theme. We are looking at planting lots of soft textures with predominantly a calming green feel. Ferns and grasses are ideal.

Always popular and always useful are herbs. Tricolour sage has great contrasting red silver under tones. Thyme can not be grown enough. It will often hang like ivy from a a pot softening the edge. It comes in yellows, greens, silvers there is always one suitable. Once trimmed it will dry and store very easily for seasoning your cooking as will the sage and rosemary. That makes herbs very good value. These prostrate rosemary will also trail from the pot which I find very appealing but you can also plant an interesting container with a vertical rosemary.

Finishing Touches
To add an extra bit of sparkle to your pots we have violas, pansies, bellis daisies all easy to pop in for seasonal colour. Why not also under-plant a few spring bulbs that can emerge with a flood of colour from February onward. Ideally narcissus, crocus, iris, alliums or tulips.