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Thursday 31 August 2023

Plant Now for Next Year

Now is the very best time to plant. The soil is moist and still warm giving shrubs, perennials, trees, and fruit the optimum chance of establishing before we have winter dormancy. They can get their roots in the ground so they will be strong and ready to grow from April onwards next year.

A top up with a mulch such as soil improver, composted bark or farmyard manure will benefit all by helping replenish what this year’s growth has taken from the soil.

As we enjoy a harvest of fruit it’s a reminder to plant any more fruit trees or bushes your missing. I am always so glad of my Bramley apple or should I say the many apple pies and crumbles it provides. Though when it comes to eating my little red Spartan apples are just the best. There appears to be a bumper crop of pears in my garden this year and I will be baking my Conferences with a bit of red wine sugar and cinnamon for dessert. My raised bed of strawberries did well again and there is nothing better than popping into the garden in June and collecting a fresh bowl. Ill top them up with compost tidy them up and fill a few gaps for next year. I would recommend you plant all the same variety so they’re ready together. When rhubarb stalks are expensive why would you not have a few Rhubarb crowns. All mine require is topping up with some farm yard manure. Suffice to say from grape vines to gooseberries don’t forget to plant your fruit.