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Saturday 4 November 2023

A Few Ideas On Hedging From Tina Our Garden Designer

When I am designing gardens no matter the size of the space. I like to create paths and routes around the garden. I love walking around the garden and seeing what’s happening today, no two days are the same and there is always something emerging or waning adding interest and different details to notice each day. If I can I like to have a variety of ways to go so that you don’t have to take the same route there and back.

I like intimate spaces in the garden that surround you and one great way to create zones is with the use of hedges. They can screen out any landscape areas you do not love about your garden and help you to create the room of your dreams with green, living walls. Hedges are so much nicer, and longer lasting than fences and make wonderful habitats for birds and wildlife

Hedges can be used to create little rooms and zones to drop into on a walk around the garden, little green oases to spend time outside in nature. Hedges are enormously useful for this and help to create a little mystery in the landscape so that all is not revealed at once. A relaxed seating area surrounded by a Taxus hedge offers a lovely wind break when seated so that you feel sheltered.

Fragrant hedges such as Lavender or Rose are wonderful around sunny dining spaces offering their fragrance for all to enjoy.

Taller hedges are wonderful for screening off the bits you don’t want to see such as the utility area, compost bins or ugly buildings on the horizon, or focusing the eye on a vista.

If you find yourself without some of the rooms in your house that you would like to have, with clever use of space, you can create them in the garden using hedges for walls. You can have the dining room, lounge, den, cinema, garden room, gym or yoga/painting studio of your dreams in your garden. I would possibly stop short of on en-suite though.

A great garden designer can help you to sculpt the garden ingredients you would like to use into a cohesive garden design that delivers more useable space for you giving a sense of purpose to the garden. Do call us to book an appointment if you need help…….

Tina is our full time Garden Designer here at the nurseries.