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Thursday, 27 May 2021

Looking Particularly Good in the Summer Bedding

Not to be Missed this is Dahlia Goldalia Scarlet one of the many eye catching plants out in the summer bedding for containers.

Geraniums, pelargoniums, osteospermum, fuchsia where do we start this season. Not to be missed there are some stunning dahlias this year just asking to in a pot or summer border. These are hot.


I do feel orange is the new pink. Fiery orange and yellow or orange with some purple. Why not include some deep purple heuchera foliage and plant or pot up some bright zinnia they are back with a vengeance. Great oranges have appeared in diasica, bidens and petunia and we have been truly tangoed this season!


Marguerites a classic in white but some of the other shades are brilliant. Red next to brick work looks great. No one can disagree when I say daisies scream summer, but marguerites do not have the monopoly on daisy flowers.

Look at the pretty felicia with its dainty blue daisy flower and this would look lovely in any basket but what about in a terracotta pot all on its own near some calendula and nasturtiums for a vintage look. If you have an old milk churn to plant, it needs some daisies.


It is the plant to look out for. We have managed to get a few small Brugmansias or Angel's Trumpets. We are often asked for them and we have managed to get a few plants in at £14.95. They may be small now but if you have a green house and can over winter these plants they are something of a showstopper if you allow them to grow huge.

Salvia Amistad

Salvia Amistad is the tall blue salvia that just keeps on flowering all summer. It is so in demand every year because it can perform. Let it fill out in a border or large pot more like a clump of good tall perennials.

Verbena, petunia, bacopa and calibrachoa are out in every conceivable colour but what we are seeing more this year are the Trixi pot or cute colour combinations of 3 trailing bedding plants that that really complement one another and can be instantly planted as a complete pot. No real planning required for a perfect result.


If you want to be stylish maintain a rigid colour palette because I always say planting bedding is almost like painting with plants. White and green is serine. Deep purple and white is classic. Pinks blues and cascading silvers tasteful and harmonize well. Yellow and blue makes me think of Provence. 

All deep red geraniums are just to die for, and orange just makes everything come alive in the garden and it is a powerful statement with yellows and reds. Lastly we have pretty pink, soft and bluey tones can look very cottagey and candy pink is for the young! Orange, candy pink and yellow should never be seen, oh my gosh but it’s the 70’s all over again!

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