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Wednesday 3 January 2024

Viburnum Tinus One of the Best Fragrant Winter Flowering Hardy Evergreen

Viburnum Tinus

Simply looking amazing is the viburnum tinus.  I love everything about this large evergreen shrub. Numerous varieties are available  from basic tinus to, Spirit, Gwenllian, Lisa Rose, Purpurea and French White, Spring Bouquet. The differences are very slight and I have yet to tell them all apart. The flowering time vary slighty as does the blossom colour. I have a garden full of the Viburnum tinus and I does really well and I hasten to add it has a lovely fragrance.

The blossom that flowers well into the spring months is followed later in the year by black berries.
Viburnum tinus provides a great backbone for a good garden.I love these hardy evergreen growing well on the north east side of my garden. Height up to 6ft.

They can be pruned as a hedge.

If you have suffered the little beetle nibbling on the leaves it not too difficult to recover from and I have some perfect examples. Remove all the bottom foliage so the beetle has no where to live and can not easily climb up from the base. It will take a year but the will recover. Mine look beautiful and strong.

A good mulch and feed always helps.