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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Top Choice Plant for Spring Dicentra Valentine

This relatively new dicentra discovered on a little nursery in Canada has got to be a top choice. Plum coloured frothy fronds of foliage burst through the bare earth in early spring and explode into this amazing drama of red hearts.

Described as a clump-forming perennial with lobed, pale green leaves. Arching fleshy stems produce racemes of striking red and white heart-shaped flowers. Max Height 90cm. Max Spread 50cm. Flowers April to May.
Perfect to mix with ferns hostas aquilegias, polemoniums, Polygonatums (Solomon's Seal), primulas, epimediums and other great shade loving plants. Dicentras are tough dependable little plants providing beautiful fresh unique flowers.
We also have the new D.formosa 'Spring Magic. This is the wild dicentra which is smaller than spectablis varieties it has very delicate fern like foliage and beautiful lavender tears.

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