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Monday, 21 March 2016

How To Make An Instant Garden

Use eye level lolly pop trees and standards or large grown shrubs. They don't wait on the garden makeover programs they use plants that have been grown on for a few years to give height and instant character.

We have a great range of standards and lolly pops that will instantly transform any garden. Viburnum tinus makes a beautiful evergreen lolly pop ball with fantastic white blossom from November to late, April.Great for wild life. It's perfect as a feature plant to bring height to a border or as a center peice in a container, perhaps underplanted with bedding or low growing evergreen such as euronymus or hebes.

 Privet an alternative makes a wonderfully neat ball of folage fantastic for a formal garden bringing you reliable stucture all year round.

Many of the evergreen come as large standard bushes given you instant privacy and screaning. The red photinas also bring another layre of rich colour to your garden.

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