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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

How to Grow Your Own Vegetables

The nutritional value of the crops we grows far exceeds which we buy from the supermarkets for this reason alone it is well worth producing a few thing yourself.
I can argue what you grow yourself tastes so much better than what you buy from large stores.
You can save some money growing expensive things like fennel bulbs, asparagus, artichokes and even cut and come again leaves.

Here's A Little 'Grow Your Own' Made Easy!

Grow Your Own Seed Potatoes, Shallots, onions And Garlic

You can't beat your own early spuds. Buy your first earlies now. Chit them (let shoots form) and plant out traditionally Good Friday which is 30th March early this year. We recomend International Kidney (Jersey Royal) and Swift.
International Kidney (Jersey Royal) Often grown as an early but can be grown as a second early or harvested as a main crop when it becomes more floury but it is best as a new potatoe grown quickly.
Swift are particularly good as a very, very early potatoe and have very good pest and disease resistance. Not great for mash but a tasty potatoe for everything else.

Shallots, onions and Garlic an also go in and are available.

How To Deal With Slugs Organically

I've been out checking for slugs and there aren't any yet but they are coming very soon. As soon as the soil hits about 10 degrees traditionally any time fro mid February those nasty black beasts will be hatching. Be ready!!!
There are lots of natural and organic slug contol methods you can put in place now.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Dalefoot Compost Made From Wool And Bracken

Dalefoot Wool Compost was featured in 'Back To The Land' with Kate Humble.This has been recently repeated on BBC 2 so it may be familiar.
It's made on a family farm in Cumbria using local wool and bracken. 
The properties of the compost are such that the watering and feed requirements are massively reduced. 
This is all natural all British and totally sustainable. 

Potting compost, For containers, repotting established plants, planting pits, raised Beds, borders, a good rose tree and shrub compost etc

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

February Flowers

 Viburnum tinus Lisa Rose
Viburnum tinus Lisa Rose

Late Winter Almost Spring Gardens

Spring Is On Its Way Despite the cold we have felt the iit's first breath and a lot of us are back in the Garden preparing for the forthcoming year. We don’t need to wait for warmer weather to have  interesting borders as there is a lot of exciting stuff going on now. We already have colourful flowers, foliage and bark so there is no excuse for a gloomy border. Early flowers and catkins are crucial as they not only give us a lift they have an important roll in the life cycle of our struggling bees, providing the necessary sustenance for the Queen Bumble bee as she emerges from hibernation.

February Gardener's Calendar

Spring is coming. Snowdrops are in flower. Daffodils are opening soon and the Hellebores look stunning. It is time to get back out in the garden.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Huge Benifits When Planting With Microrrhizal Fungi

Mycrorrhizal slides courtesy of Rootgrow
It will simply make the plant grow a lot better.
Apply it to the roots when planting and it will last forever in effect creating a working root structure phenomenally larger and significantly more effective than its own.
Endorsed by the RHS

Why we stock Kings Seeds

Unlike other seed companies Kings still farm 325 acres in Essex.They are British and are the last surviving wholesale horticultural seed merchant in the country and have been producing seed since 1888

Our New Sustainable British Made Range Of Melcourt Compost Products

 Melcourt SylvaGrow® peat-free compost has regularly won Which? Gardening ‘Best Buy’ accolades since its launch four years ago.
The only compost Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Sociey.

Melcourt sustainable peat-free gardening products are different from competitors. 

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Three Top Hellebores Out Now

Helleborus Penny's Pink
The best garden flower colour now. Top hybrid hellebores all blooming today on the nurseries looking good beds. Bold flowers stand dramatically over the foliage. Helleborus Cheryl's Smile, Helleborus Molly's White and Helleborus Penny's Pink.

Three Top Evergreens Looking Good Today

Ramnus Argenteovariegata
Evergreen foliage in winter can be very colourful. All these shrubs are hardy and easy to grow. Ramnus Argenteovariegata, Nandinda domestica Blush Pink and Osmanthus Goshiki
All are on our looking good beds here at the nurseries today looking their best.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Trees With Attractive And Colourful Bark

Prunus Serrula, Acer Griseum, Betula jacquemonti
These are just some of the lovely barks we can enjoy.

Catkins in Winter

Corylus (Hazel)
Catkins are fabulously important additions to our gardens providing crucial nectar supplies for the bumble bees.
The long lambs tails on the Hazel bushes are a winter delight and an absolute picture when coated with icy frost. 

Friday, 12 January 2018

Shrubs that have All Year Round Interest

Nandina domestics 'Obsessed'
There are some amazing plants out there that are interesting all year round. I don't think there is anything that actually flowers all year but there are some wonderful evergreen foliages, colurful bark and flushes of berries. Here is a quick flash of some of the largely evergreen plants we recomend, it's a useful list.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

How To Plant Winter Colour With Cornus

Some of the best winter colour is not in flowers but in bark,foliage and stems like these amazing varieties of cornus (dog wood)

Cornus is easy to grow surviving in heavy clay, poorly aerated soils and some degree of winter water logging. I found it a very tolerant plant to actual dog damage as I did have 4 excitable border collies charging round my garden here at the Nurseries. Cornus survived where other plants diminished. 

Whilst it is a strong plant the trick to keeping it nice is to prune it very hard and don't let the stems cross. It doesn't need fussy pruning I have often hacked it back at the wrong time of growth and its so strong it will be fine.

Winter Interest Plants

The Winter Plant List

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Open Today

Open 2nd Jan -Feb 9am - 5pm

February open 8.30am-5pm
March-April 8.30pm-5.30
May-June 8.30am-7pm
July -24th December 8.30am -5.30pm 

Coffee Shop 9am -4.30pm daily

Big Sale Ends January 7th 

Friday, 22 December 2017

Bird Food Prices

List of current prices

Top January Bloomers All Great Plants In Flower Now

Plants flowering Now

Don't miss out on the early flowers

January Gardener's Calendar

As true winter hardy gardeners we know there are some very beneficial outdoor hands on winter jobs from which your garden will truly benefit this month. Many suggested gardening task lists may seem limited to preparatory jobs and whilst these are important, I urge you to get your wellies on grab a spade and show that wheel barrow some action. A gardeners work is never done. 
We have had the shortest day so herald spring is on its way and lets be ready.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Christmas Table Decoration Workshop

Another lovely way to celebrate Christmas. This workshop will be running in 2018 and can currently be booked in the shop.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

We're In the Top 26 Nurseries In Garden Illustrated Magazine

Special edition Garden Illustrated Magazine is on the shelves for sale now. Preston Bissett is comended as one of the top 26 Nurseries. The Nurseries all round the world are recomended by top British Garden Designers. 

A big thank you to Kate Gould, a celebrated Chelsea Gold medal winner in 2017. 
We are on page 20.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Plants That Make Christmas

Capture The Essence Of Christmas With Plants

Simple steps to a beautiful festive home and garden

Christmas containers, hanging baskets, twinkling lights and a beautiful Christmas wreath adorning the front door.

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