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Monday, 1 April 2019

Flowers For April

Now we enjoying warmer days the garden is waking up. You can see the signs everywhere. Spring buds are all around. Bulbs are emerging, the daffodils will soon be exchanged for Tulips on mass, then alliums and camassia and then the Bluebell woods will spring into life.

Osmanthus burkwoodii pictured above 

April Gardener's Calendar

Here our are are some ideas of what you could be getting on with in the garden this month

Saturday, 30 March 2019

Mother's Day Containers

Its been fun getting ready for Mother's day. In addition to our traditional fresh primrose pots we've been making alpine containers, succulent and herb pots and they are so pretty.

Monday, 11 March 2019

Top Perennial Plants for Early Colour This Spring

Above we have vinca, Primula japonica 'Postford White' a candelabra primrose, pulsatila, Veronica gentianoides, (Solmon's Seal) Polygonatum and heucherella.

Spring Flowers For Mother's Day

Spring is Blooming The Bees are Buzzing And It's Nearly Mother's Day!
Some of the first things that hint its spring here are the big Queen Bees. We have a lot of bumble bees because we have such a vast array of plants to attract them. We have had quiet a few bees buzzing around in the last week or so ravenously bumbling around for good sources of nectar. Hellebore's, primroses and the hazel catkins are perfect for them as are the flowering currants opening soon and the gorgeous pussy willow catkins. Link to catkins; All these early sorces of food provide the spring interest that makes them excellent not only for bees but great spring colour and also for Mother's day gifts (31st March).

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Spring Bulbs You May Not Have Thought To Plant

The Spring Bulbs Are Coming Out Many Can Be Planted Now In The Green.
There are some magnificent daffs and tulips bulbs we are familiar with but there are also are some really choice flowers you may not have yet considered growing.

Catkins in Winter and Early Spring

There are so many beautiful catkins that carry us through the winter and last well into spring.

Friday, 1 March 2019

March Gardener’s Calendar

The day temperatures have been a little bit warmer than we had anticipated and you can not miss the bulbs that are coming out. Night tempratures have been a bit cooler so plants have not got too ahead of themselves.

Its the time to top up your borders with soil conditioner, feed and invest in new plants for your garden that will bring you joy this year.  

March is the month the gardening programs all appear back on TV because if you haven't already this is the month to get back in the garden.

Here is a little help planning your home grown fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Here is your what to do check list:

Friday, 1 February 2019

A January Day At The Sublime Evenley Wood

We were lucky enough to pop over and see our friends and ramble into the magnificent 60 acre wood on our doorstep at Evenley yesterday and whilst it was very chilly and many of the snowdrops were hanging their heads it was wonderful.

The little snowdrops and aconites scattered under the trees are simply stunning.
Here are a few pictures for now. I shall be back as soon as I can. I believe the camellias and rhododendrons are breathtaking.

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Winter Plant Combinations

Successful and fabulous gardens are rarely about one plant, its about combinations and groups of colour in the same way we put an outfit together. 

Heavenly Hellebores

We are loving our new range of marbled leaf hellebores. 

Monday, 21 January 2019

Late Winter Almost Spring Gardens

Spring Is On Its Way Despite the cold we have felt the it's first breath and a lot of us are back in the Garden preparing for the forthcoming year. We don’t need to wait for warmer weather as its so mild there is a lot of exciting stuff going on now. We already have colourful flowers, foliage and bark so there is no excuse for a gloomy border. Early flowers and catkins are crucial as they not only give us a lift they have an important roll in the life cycle of our struggling bees, providing the necessary sustenance for the Queen Bumble bee as she emerges from hibernation.

How to Make Winter Hanging Baskets.

This week we've been making up original winter baskets. We have been using sedums,evergreen ferns and grasses, small evergreen shrubs, herbs and violas. Come along and have a peruse in our tunnel dedicated to this seasons container and basket plants.

How to Make Winter Hanging Baskets

Half  line a basket with moss and place a circle of plastic on top to act a a reservoir of water.

Sunday, 30 December 2018

January Gardener's Calendar

As true winter hardy gardeners we know there are some very beneficial outdoor hands on winter jobs from which your garden will truly benefit this month. Many suggested gardening task lists may seem limited to preparatory jobs and whilst these are important, I urge you to get your wellies on grab a spade and show that wheel barrow some action. A gardeners work is never done. 
We have had the shortest day so herald spring is on its way and lets be ready.

Friday, 28 December 2018

Trees With Colourful Winter Bark

Prunus Serrula, Acer Griseum, Betula jacquemonti
These are just some of the lovely barks we can enjoy.

Shrubs and Trees with great winter colour

Cornus under planted with nandina
Shapes and colours can look quite dramatic this time of year, frosted silver foliage in particular.

Top of my list for early winter flowers would be hellebores. They are so pretty, really good for wildlife and now we have so many new varieties.

There are lots of silver evergreens I would choose to plant for winter interest. Silver foliage can disappear in bright sunshine on summer days but it really stands out in winter. Plant and enjoy simple colourful evergreen shrubs like Silver Pittosporum and Euonymus jap.Pierrolina. Rubus thibetanus Silver Fern is a slightly more unusual shrub, well worth planting for its silver stems which look almost like frost on red stalks.

Pittosporum tenufolium
It surprised me how lovely Eucalyptus leaves appear in a mixed border. Keeping evergreen shrubs a reasonable size is important unless you want a triffid but it’s easy to trim the tops out and keep them as shrubs and most are very resilient.

Viburnum tinus is the most attractive flowering winter evergreen. Great as alarge shrub pehaps at the back of a border because it can get tall.
Viburnum Tinus

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