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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Top Choice of Acer, Sangokaku

Acer palmatum Sangokaku

Simple the best Acer palmatum. This is Sangokaku. Coral bark like a cornus and amazing lime tipped with red foliage.

Also know as 'Senkaki' Coral bark Maple. A Japanese maple with beautiful foliage. Excellent winter interest with its coral bark stems in winter, could be mistaken for a cornus. Deeply lobed orange-yellow leaves turning a soft yellow in autumn. Max Height 3- 5m Can be kept smaller. Max Spread 3m. Dappled shade preferred but will grow in sun. Tolerant of most soils including sand and heavy clay, and it is drought-tolerant (according to Gardeners' World). Hardy. RHS Award of Garden Merit. Likes lots of water. Can also grow in a pot.
Could it do any more! Its fantastic.
Acer palmatum have quiet shallow roots so its good to mulch with organic matter and whilst some (not varigated varieties) will grow well in sun the trick is to not let the roots bake.
They will grow in lime or acid soils.prume them if required in the autumn as the sap is falling. 

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