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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

To all our lovely customers.

With more of us stuck at home a very practical thing to do is plant some vegetables and sow some seeds. Fresh air is good and It also makes you feel a bit more positive doing something productive.

Lots of small plants can go in now and its a great time to start seeding
I have garlic, onions, broad beans in the ground already. Chard has over wintered along with my leeks, celery and celeriac (which are great cooked with chicken thighs in a cider stock). I also have a lot of beetroot, which you can eat raw, roast or cook in stews. I cook it with beef dishes. I even put it in bolognese.

Today I shall seed some cut and come again lettuce because its so easy.
1. Start seeding root crops (carrots, parsnips etc) now. Plant more every few weeks to spread your crop.
2. Plant your broad beans, cabbage, spinach and brussel sprouts . You can buy these already shooting)
3 Make sure you have your onions, shallots and garlic in, before its too late and get your spuds chitting so they will be ready to plant soon after the frosts.
And most of all get outside in your garden and
keep cheerful. We will get though this.
We can deliver and remember we can work completely outside maintaining social distance.

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