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Saturday, 4 January 2020

More Winter Interest Trees You Might Not Have Spotted

Prunus sub Autumnalis (a cherry tree in flower now)
I have just been looking round the nursery trees and a couple of unexpected trees aside from the regular birch and Prunus serrula winter bark have really had a chance to shine.

Tilla Winter Orange

This is a small leafed lime tree. Stunning orange bark even on this small sapling tree. Given chance to grow it will reach about 12m x 8m.This will make a stunning silhouette on the landscape in a large garden. The buds are red and if has fragrant white blossom in summer. The stems shoots and bark have a wonderful winter glow.

Acer cap Rubrum

I was drawn to the red bark with the texture of a snake bark. A great foliage tree with 
fiery blood-red young leaves late in summer these turn green then golden yellow autumn tints appear in autumn. Its final height would be 6 x 4 m so good for a small garden.

Malus Wedding Bouquet

Although the tiny crab apples are considered more autumn interest they are still cascading from this tree and not yet consumed by the birds but it is quiet mild. It is still really pretty ever hanging from the bare stems. Malus are easy to grow they are tough and do well round here in the Buckingham area.

The winter cherry up top reaches 4-8m making it a good tree for small gardens.

Winter Bark Trees

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