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Monday, 30 December 2019

Trees With Colourful Winter Bark

Prunus Serrula, Acer Griseum, Betula jacquemonti
These are just some of the lovely barks we can enjoy.

Prunus Serrula (Tibetan Cherry)
 A lovely tree that works well in a small garden with a cuit traditional umbrella tree shape and fabulous rich red bark that peels beautifully.

Prunus Serrula

Prunus Serrula 
This has been copiced to form a multi stemmed tree. The silver birches also make great multi stemmed trees.
Betula jacquemonti
An avenue of silver birch under planted with ferns. Skimmias plant well under birch also. Birch look great on mass. Its a very soft natural look.
Acer Griseum
Paper bark maple
This needs an acid soil to perform best and in the Buckingham area we tend to have more lime. I grow one in a pot. 

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