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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Summer Is Here

The best thing about a warm summer is we can really enjoy relaxing in our gardens

In the hot weather it is all about keeping cool and hydrated. Try adding slices of lemon or mint and to your water and chill in the fridge. We have the perfect utensils for holding plenty of ice chilled fresh water. 

First thing in the morning there is nothing more decadent than sitting out in the garden to eat your breakfast. It's like being on holiday! Forget you have to go to work for a moment and relax. 

We're enjoying a heat wave and its time for picnic's and barbecues. Summer has arrived?

Reflect the best vistas of your garden with a well placed mirror and create new vistas and a sense of space.

Eating al fresco in the Mediterranean heat you may enjoy little bit of extra candle light creating the perfect place to sit and enjoy a evening glass of wine.

As time saving alternative to candles how about the little solar powered vintage lanterns and bulbs.

When you are picnicking why not pack up your booty in one of our lovely wicker baskets or bags.

A trug is the perfect utensil to collect the fruits and flowers of your garden harvest

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