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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Rousham, A lovely Landscaped Garden To Visit Near Lower Heyford

What a great garden to discover and just on our doorstep. Had a customer not mentioned Rousham I would not have known this garden existed. Google maps

Rousham House and Gardens Gardens Lower Heyford

This is not a commercial place so don't expect to find a tea room or shop. You certainly won't fight for a parking space, just pay at the machine and walk round the gardens. Make sure you take a picnic and loose yourself for the day whilst  admiring one of the best landscaped gardens in the county.
What a hidden treasure this place is. The gardens were designed by William Kent. The herbaceous borders are beautiful, the colours softly blend and merge.

Rousham Gardens Lower Heyford Climbing Viticella Clematis
Viticella Margot Koster

Rousham Gardens Lower Heyford
Centrantus Ruber

Simple use of this strong red/rose pink is a rich contrast against the green box.


Rousham Gardens Lower Heyford Rose Arches

The rose walkway around the fountain is magical.

Rousham Gardens Lower Heyford

Orange and blue make a wonderful contrast

Rousham Gardens Lower Heyford

Harmonising herbaceous borders

Rousham Gardens Lower Heyford

Roses and viticella clematis growing together

Rousham Gardens Lower Heyford

This building reminded me of the grand buildings in stowe

Rousham Gardens Lower Heyford

Follow trickling tiny gully of water that runs quietly through the paths (probably why no children under 15 can enter) through the parkland down to the river, past Pan and his pipes.

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