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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Hot Cottage Garden Colour Perennials

Coriopsis_Enchanted Eve
Whow what a lot we have at the moment. Cottage garden perennials have blossomed and come into their own

Hemerocalis (Day lilly)
The day lillys are out so make thw most of those vivid fabulous flowers. They are so easy to grow soon making great grassy like clumps of lush foliage. I just wish they flowered for longer. 

Echinacea Sunseekers Orange
 On our hot bed of colour this week we are featuring some of the beautiful coriopsis (pictured above), echinacea and leucanthemums.

Lucanthemum Broadway Lights
 Almost in flower we have the succulent sedums ideal for attracting butterflies and great in barren growing conditions and therefore ready to positively thrive in good ground.

Agapanthus is catching every ones eye with its vivid electric blue budded blooms and so it should as we need more blue flowers in my opinion.

I love the tall veronicastrums but equally the smaller spiky Veronica spicata. We,ve all seen the blue but what about the pink and the white.This is now close to the top of my list for favourite perennials in any colour. I also like it because it has behaved well on my growing beds and given me no problems.

Anemone September Charm
 Spot the Anemones the are about to explode with colour. We have some beautiful leafy rich pink Anemones to recommend just opening.

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