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Friday, 15 January 2016

How to support #Bumble #Bees in Early Spring

Sedum Wall for bees
Sedum Wall
The purpose of a sedum wall is to provide nectar for bees. In the early spring when bumble bees emerge from hibernation they are starving. They need a supply of nectar so they have the strength to go forward a build a new colony. In the summer there are lots of wonderful flowers waving in the breeze smothered in bees. They have a much more abundant source of nectar and pollen from which feed and to make their honey.
In the early spring they often go hungry, therefore planting a few early nectar rich plants is important for their survival.

Hellebores are are brilliant. Ivy is notably one of the best forms of nectar. Catkins are excellent so that would indicate hazel.willow and garrya elliptica. Without double these are important plants to include in your garden, not only are they vital for bees they also provide great winter and early spring interest.

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