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Thursday, 15 May 2014

RHS Malvern 2014

Some of the Gardens from RHS Malvern 2014

A Game of Contrasts. This was the best Festival Garden. The celebrated Cloud trees frame the space. These were Hornbeam.  Cloud trees were a huge success at Chelsea only a few years ago.

A game of contrasts

Show Gardens

Living with Parkinsons
This garden uses the repetition of 4. Count to 4 and then act. Give your brain time to process. 4 seats 4 phormiums etc We would usually plant 3 or 5 in a clump.It makes it look unbalanced. It illustrated the difficulties of this horrid disease.

 Walls and door block the way. One door precedes another. It was a cleaver concept well exicuted.

Ooh La La It Makes Me Wonder

Dicentra Valantine

Geums with bronze fennel and red thistles.

I just love the planting and love the colours. Another garden with hight large pillars dominated the center with these lovely pockets of planting.

Rosy and Victory
100 years since the 1st world War

A quiet reflective space with lots of reflection.

Shears and Chardonnay
It was the circular rotating door that intrigued 

Lovely balanced circular curves

Bringing Nature Home
This is from the one that got gold and Best In Show. Love the pink Silene and cultivated cow parsley

Bringing Nature Home

A fruity Story

Loved the bread oven and the mixture of edible plants with shrubs and perennials. Lots of Bronze fennel in this too.

A Quiet Garden

En su Casa en la Playa (At Home on the Beach)

This was based on a Balearic Island!

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