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Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Update 1st April 2020

We are not taking calls today not because it's Peter's birthday but because we have to catch up on our back log of orders from the last 48 hours!
Please hold back with your orders calls and emails while we get on top of the deliveries. Sorry folks but with the van break down yesterday and the overwhelming number of local orders coming it means we really do need some catch up time.
We have hired a van while ours is repaired,( it needs a new radiator.) so we will still be out delivering today.
If you placed an order in the last 48 hours we will have received it and will be trying to process it. We will call you.
We will not be open for orders on Sunday either as we will have to break in order to look after the stock and water the plants!
Warmest wishes to you all. Hope to see you soon when we get back to normal. Keep gardening and carry on!

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