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Sunday, 29 March 2020

Update 29th March 2020

We are still taking orders for our local customers. 

Please bare with us as it all completely new. We have been inundated with requests but we are keeping up. I am adding more lists of plants and compost to All Available Plants on my gardening blog. The link is on our website. When I have complied all the plant lists I will post them and email them to all Garden Club Members. Currently you can see fruit, roses and compost on the blog.I shall soon add trees. We are getting into a good system and becoming more organised every day. We have got loads of orders out and have established that some of our suppliers such as compost and vegetables will still be doing deliveries us so we will hopefully be able to continue contactless deliveries to your door.
Do not under any circumstance come to the nursery.
So keep calm and carry on gardening as they say!
The good will and cheer is wonderful. Thank you for all the lovely encouragement. Love to you all.

Send orders to with your telephone number and address. We will call you back to finalise what you need and take payment. We are working in order. It will be difficult to get through on the phone as we are calling customers back to process the orders.

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