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Thursday, 19 March 2020

Potato Varieties In Stock 2020

There is very little potato stock now available anywhere 
due to the surge in GYO.
One of the main enquiries at the present is what potatoes do we have in stock, so here is a list of potatoes and onions and also shallots.
Potatoes go in traditionally on Good Friday and onions and shallots go in now.
We buy our spuds now and most let them form little sprouts or chits. It is considered this gives them a head start but it is not essential.

First early: 
- Foremost 
- Pentland Javelin 
- Rocket 
- Arran Pilot 
- Colleen Organic 
- Swift 
- Duke of York 
- Lady Christl 

Second early: 

- British Queen 
- Marfona 
- Kestrel 
- Wilja 
- Nadine 
- Vivaldi 
Vivaldi is a second early or main crop, lower in carbohydrates than most spuds.

Main crop: 

- Maxine 
- Pink Gypsy 
- Picasso 
- Maris Piper 
- Cara 
- Golden Wonder 
- Desiree 
- King Edward 


- Charlotte 
- International Kidney 
- Nicola 
- Pink Fir Apple 
- Anya (Desiree cross Pink Fir Apple)

Onions £3.50 (50 in a pack)
Onion and shallots go in now. Sets sit with their roots in the ground, but not buried.

Onion sets: 
- Snowball 
- Centurion F1 
- Comred 
- Rosanna 
- Setton 
- Turbo 
- Sturon 

Shallots £3.95(25 in a pack)

- Golden Gourmet 
- Red Sun 

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