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Friday, 20 March 2020

Mother's Day Container Ideas

Simply stunning primroses this year. Traditionally they have always been given as gifts on Mother's Day

Primrose Pots
Primroses are the most popular gift and why not. This year we simply have the most stunning two tone colours with a lacy white trim to the petal.

Mixed spring pots

We have been busy making up a spring flowering collection, perfect for Mother's Day.

Favourite Alpine Pots

Here is a mixed apine pot with iberis  and some sempervirens and anemone for added interest

I love this predominantly blue and white alpine troughs with smaller planter to match. Saxifraga, iberis, heather, thyme and a whole mixture of fresh alpines. Hardy plants like alpines will be here to enjoys next year. Its not just a seasonal gift.
The trough is another Errington Reay British made pot. Only the best and it is bursting with hardy alpines. Something to be enjoyed for a long time. We have also slipped a few spring bulbs in and some seasonal violas.

Hardy pots of herbs are also on the agenda. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Herbs Containers

This herb bowl is £33.95
Bay is tremendously useful. I cook with the leaves all the time. We have made up some herb bowls which are love but our choice of herbs is vast why not make up your own. They make a thoughtful gift and are incredibly useful. 

Maybe you would appreciate. some more unusual herbs to cook with like Vietnamese coriander.
Fruit Trees
If you would like something to really last and give pleasure we have some very pretty stone pots of fruits trees. Apples, pears and plumbs. We also have figs we can pot up.

We have all sizes of pots, whether it be a simple primrose thank you or a pot for life.

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