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Thursday, 26 March 2020

26th March 2020 Update

Cassie is hopeful she misses the customers and the dogs visiting!

We have a back log of orders and are working to capacity. We only have Oak doing the contactless deliveries, as he is a family member.
Peter is calling people back as efficiently as he can whilst trying to organise what people want into villages. They delivered until 10pm last night.Email your order enquiry to
Please don't just ring for a chat have a good idea of what you want use our social media as we do not have an online shop. There is a compost list on my gardening blog.
As we get more in order we will aim to move to the delivery days but current we are just trying to get grouped area deliveries out.
We hope to have more supplies of particularly vegetable some suppliers are working and delivering and some have stopped.
Currently we do no have all the answers.

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