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Monday, 30 December 2019

Top Winter Bloomers

Plants flowering This Month

Don't miss out on the early flowers

Mahonia xmedia Winter Sun' and 'Charity' both huge mahonias which provide a really dramatic display. The blazing colour is fabulous now. The evergreen leaves are leathery and spiky like holly. Mahonias are really good in shade and growing in some quiet difficult positions where many plants would struggle.

Corylopsis pauciflora buttercup witch hazel

This is just coming out and is in stock on the Nurseries looking goodd bed for the early spring season. It under plants successfully with epimedium and tiarella. I also think it looks very pretty to see the golden little flowers growing through the red dog wood, Cornus sibirica. It does lean towards lime free soil.

Hamamelis Witch Hazel
The flower on the traditional witch hazel are so unusual. Its outstanding. We may struggle to grow this Hardy plant round Buckingham as it prefers an lime free soil so perhaps plant it in a pot for early colour and a treat for the bees who will delight in the flowers even more than us.

Lonicera fragrantissima

Sweetly scented and often unobserved most of the year, hidden in a hedge or a border. This honeysuckle makes a big bushey green shrub that must be pruned after flowering or it will become massive but the sweet scented flower is a joy in January. Its very hardy growing in my NE aspect and exposed to the open fields.

 This is a beautiful show stopper bloom the appears from January and February and into early spring. Large rose like flowers in a multitude of colours. The foliage is evergreen and it is often grow as a climber against a wall or maintained as a large shrub. Never grow on an east wall as the early morning sun may scorch and burn off emerging buds. Its leaning towards disliking lime so pot in ericaceous soil.
Viburnum × bodnantense 'Charles Lemont' (below) or 'Dawn'

Flowers in winter on bare stems. Very soft pale pink scented flowers. This is a very tough viburnum. It's a leafy shrub through the summer. Plant it and forget about it its very self reliant.

Viburnum tinus 'Lisa Rose'

I love this new variety. It is attributed as having greater resistance to viburnum beetle and a long flowering period. I've planted it in winter containers and it looks brilliant.


This is the sweet scented Christmas box and its delicious now. Its so unassuming all year and then it blossoms and provides delicious scent at Christmas and through early spring.
 Prunus Subhirtella Autumnalis Winter flowering cherry tree

 A cherry tree with winter blossom always needs a mention and was in my top 10 choices for Winter Colour last month.

Hybrid Winter Gold Collection Hellebores 

These are varieties that are crossed with the Christmas rose helleborus 'Niger' They appear to have more vigour, bolder flower a longer flowering period and are more robust, flowering over the foliage and not in secret! They are much more substantial and establish well. The stronger coloured orientals crosses or Lenten roses will flower more towards late February march allowing you to plant a secession of one of the best early bloomers. 

Violas and primroses deserve a quick mention. Excellent winter bedding plants for a burst of colour. Easy plants to mix into a border or brighten up a pot.

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