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Thursday, 10 October 2019

Spring Bulbs You May Not Have Thought To Plant

The Spring Bulbs Are Coming Out Many Can Be Planted Now In The Green.
There are some magnificent daffs and tulips bulbs we are familiar with but there are also are some really choice flowers you may not have yet considered growing.

There is a vast array of beautiful spring bulbs and most are planted in the autumn but some can be successfully planted in the green now and some such as snowdrops actually prefer it.

Snakes head fritillaries grow natively and will naturalise in grass as long as you don't mow them before they have died down.

Both early bulbs snow drops and Eranthus
(aconites) can be planted now.

Erythroniums (dog's tooth violet) are also available in flower to plant now.

Whilst we are all very familiar with snowdrops, daffodils, tulips and crocus there are some bulbs we don't plant enough of. Scilla are very dainty. There are coming out now.

Many of the gardening magazines are celebrating the dward iris.

This is the compact little Iris Harmony long flowering from early spring and very vivid blue.

Scilla come in a range of colours. Flowers are a similar size to a snowdrop.
Alliums are stately flowers. I always feel they give a herbaceous border a professional finish.They are late spring flowers therefore provide a continuous secession of colour after the early spring daffodils and tulips.They are available to plant now.
 I enjoy a drift of camassi in my garden. They appear early may and flower spectacularly for a good few weeks and they have been in my wild border with dicentra, ferns, primula and forget-me-nots for years. They have clumped out amongst the bluebells and look striking. They also com in blue. I believe Prince Charles is growing them in his wild meadow instead of tulips now.

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