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Monday, 23 September 2019

My Garden This Autumn

The sap is falling and the autumn hues are coming through.

First the golden morning light and late afternoon the rich warm colours glow. 

After rain the autumn hues look different again

Hydrangea and hardy fuchsia together in one pot are stunning.

This is my new feature pot placed in dappled shade.

Autumn containers are often overlooked. Rich purples and whites can look extremely classy.

Autumn gardens mean asters and anemones and the colours in my autumn urn tone perfectly.

Red geraniums punch through the autumn light.

I love this view but really must tackle the horizontal hard fence line which is so distracting in a photo.

Autumn asters provide some of the very best floral colour and the are beautiful when back lit.

 Autumn containers placed carefully lift and highlight the garden

Seasonal colour in the form of asters and hydrangea, sedum and pendula silver birch bark.

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Unknown said...

The richness of the autumn colours and planting schemes in your garden are absolutely stunning. They show very clearly that autumn and winter gardens don't have to be the ugly sisters to the vibrance and explosions of colour in spring and summer gardens. Thank you for all the inspirational ideas!

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