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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

September Gardener's Calendar

We are coming to the end of the growing season giving us the opportunity to prepare for next years garden by planting, pruning and perhaps rearranging borders whilst enjoying a glorious glut of fruit and veg.
  • We begin planting spring bulbs this month daffodils, snowdrop, crocus, iris, hyacinths, scilla,alliums etc. These are best planted as soon as possible. (Tulips can be planted now but are best planted in October or November)

  • Why not plant up some pots of bulbs. Try lasagne planting bulbs in layers to have a succession of flowers and top off with violas for colour now.

  • As famished ill watered mildly neglected bedding plant container fade tip the plants out and replant with autumn colour. 

  • Keep dead heading your perennials while they are still flowering.

  • Trim your hedges.

  • Its the beginning of our best season for planting most things. Established now plants, tees shrubs and fruit should perform better next year. 

  • Its an excellent time to relocate plants and trees if they are in the wrong place.

  • Its time to prune most shrubs and fruit. We should have a good prune now. This will help to maintain the shape rather than stimulate growth as in the spring. Many plants need diseased dead and damaged branches removing. Don't prune anything that flowered after mid summer day. These plants can wait for a spring prune.

  • Give a light hair cut to lavenders and salvias, do not cut into the old wood. Wait to  tidy up properly in the spring when new shoots are emerging.

  • If you want to get some grass seed down do it now.

  • Feed your lawn if it needs it.Use a broadcaster do not do it by hand or you will probably over distribute the feed and burn the lawn blue in patches.

  • Mulch your borders to keep the moisture in and add organic goodness.

  • Sow herbaceous plants now

  • Plant wildflower meadows and the perennials that go in the ground now will establish well.

  • Keep feeding your beans while they are cropping then dig the whole plant into the ground.

  • Onion sets, shallots and garlic can go in the ground.

  • Most berried fruit plants establishes well for next year when planted while dormant now. Strawberries, raspberries, red currents etc.

  • Greece bands are a good investment on your fruit trees before the first lot of moths.

  • Quiet a bit of winter veg that can go in.  turnips. Kale sprouts and leeks are quiet typically planted out and grown on. Why not have another crop of perpetual spinach and chard as they are quick and easy.Any winter cabbages, cauliflower brassicas of any description in the ground now need covering so they don't get attacked.
 The new season vegetable seeds are available. These also include green manures, useful crops that will cover the bare soil and can be dug in later as nourishment rather than leaving the soil bare for weed to grow.

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