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Thursday, 27 June 2019

Welcome Wildlife Into Your Garden With Water

Are you encouraging wildlife into your garden with water? Frogs, toads newts, dragonflies are just a few of the pond life creatures that you will gain. We enjoyed selecting a whole host of marginal plants you might like.

Wether you choose the have a small barrel size pond in a pot, a water feature or a large pond there are some wonderful plants to make it look gorgeous.


Many plants can thrive in moist positions.Geums grow naturally by water. Hemerocallis will fair well as will Iris sibirica , Ligularia 'The Rocket', Lig. 'Przewalski' , Trollus and many primulas are perfect to plant by water in a mix of ferns.
 Houttuynia cordata
Scirpus Cernus
Oxygenating plants such as Scirpus Cernus are important in the water to help keep it clean.

Most ferns enjoy moist damp positions.

Some relish in the wetter conditions such as the Shuttlecock fern Matteuccia Struthiopteris below and Osmunda regalis above.

We have a huge selection of plants suitable for waterside or marginal positions not just ferns and hosta. Every day perennials such as geums, lysimachia, persicaria, astrantia, ligularia, hemerocalis, Iris sibirica, Geranium maculatum, many primula varieties and so on. If you want some stunning colour try the perennial lobelia (below) which loves a damp position.We also have deep purple.

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