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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Spring Flowers In Blossom Now On The Beds

A quick tour of just some of the flowers out now
Peris japonica may need ericaceous compost but its a hardy evergreen with often very colourful foliage and blossom. It is perfect for a stand alone pot.

Berberis lologensis 'Apricot Queen'
Gorgeous orange flowers on this glorious hardy evergreen berberis.

Loropetulum chinense 'Fire Dance' 
Related to witch hazel and also ericaceous so probably a good choice for a container. Amazing stringy flowers and evergreen rich foliage. This can make a medium sized 1m tall shrub eventually. Plant in a warm position though it can take a bit of shade.

Exochordia Magical Springtime

A personal favourite though I have 'The Bride' which is a little more weeping. Is is grown with the hedge behind giving it a little bit of shelter. These are great pure white blossom spring shrubs. Eventual height about 1.5m. I have about 6-8 weeks spring flowering time.

We are all admiring the magnolias with their bold flowers. Even when not flowering they are quiet structural.
This is 'Leanard Messel' 4-8m but if you want the white star flower look at 'Stellata' 1.5m or a rich purple try the larger 2.5m 'Susan'. Grow them as a shrub or a tree. They will do best with a bit of shelter in a neutral or acid soil.

Forsythia × intermedia 'Goldrush' 
This is a tough old shrub not too fussy. Every year it signals spring has really got going. It will actually make quiet a good cottage hedge if kept regularly trimmed. Remember to prune it after it has flowered.

 Dicentra spectablis 'Alba'
Dicenta or bleeding heart is such a pretty perennial. Its on the beds here with Brunera 'Jack Frost' the perennial for-get-me not, which has the most remarkable silver foliage (see below).
I had to show you Dicentra 'Valentine', just in case you hadn't seen it. 

Dicentra spectablis 'Valentine' 

Brunera 'Jack frost'

I love this floppy rosemary prostrate in pots. Its understated pretty and very useful when cooking. Its a staple for every herb garden but a pretty border plant if you have good drainage or raised beds.

Cystius praecox  
Broom is wonderful when it comes out. Its a stunning spring show.I would grow it near he back of the border and enjoy it now and the wispy stemy foliage can add to the canvas for your summer colour. It can tolerate dry soil and drought quiet well.

Ribes sanguineum 'Pulborough Scarlet' 
Flowering currant is definitely a sign of spring. Its very hardy and the flowers are reminiscent of old cottage gardens. It can grow almost anywhere and will be about 1.5m tall.

Spirea 'Arguta'

The bridal wreath is in most peoples gardens. A veil of white flowers is followed by soft feathery foliage which will slip quiet gracefully into any border. Prune after flowering so it doesn't go floppy and too tall. It can grow to 2m. It's not too fussy about soil or position as long a it gets reasonable drainage an a bit of sun.
Don't forget to look at Osmanthus 'Burkwoodii' a very hardy evergreen with white fragrant flowers. It can be used to make a hedge. Also another spring favourite chaenomeles often called japonica, particularly the 'Crimson and Gold' with bright red flowers. This is not evergreen but it can make an excellent wall shrub and I have seen it cut as a hedge successfully.
Ceanothus is opening. I have seen 'Pugets Blue' come out this week. I love the dark green foliage and shiny small evergreen leaves. It needs a warm sunny position and it will reward you with those wonderful blue California lilac flowers.

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