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Friday, 1 February 2019

A January Day At The Sublime Evenley Wood

We were lucky enough to pop over and see our friends and ramble into the magnificent 60 acre wood on our doorstep at Evenley yesterday and whilst it was very chilly and many of the snowdrops were hanging their heads it was wonderful.

The little snowdrops and aconites scattered under the trees are simply stunning.
Here are a few pictures for now. I shall be back as soon as I can. I believe the camellias and rhododendrons are breathtaking.

This is the quirky theatre for snowdrops

 There are so many varieties of snowdrops, this gives you a taste. You need to observe are the slight nuances.

 Bright yellow winter aconites (Eranthis)
sit by the little stream.


You will notice there so many different labels indicating very rare and unusual varieties. This woodland is a life's work of plant collecting and nurturing them to grow. I believe it was a very private collection until not many years ago.

The sign denotes Galanthus nivalus plenus which  I think opens up double snowdrops.


 You could loose yourself in here. We luckily had a map and you need it because the wood is huge.

 Gnarled and twisted shapes bring character.


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