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Thursday, 24 January 2019

Heavenly Hellebores

We are loving our new range of marbled leaf hellebores. 

The Frostkiss hellebores are some of the very first plants to flower.
We have quiet a collection of these stunning hellebores bread by Rodney Davey in Devon. 

Penny's Pink

 Beautiful colours some very deep and rich such as Penny's Pink above and also Dana's Dulcet.

Dana's Dulcet

Chery's Shine
Fabulous when back lit with the sun, highlighting the many two tone colours.

Molly's White
They are hardy plants and grow comfortably to 60cm x 60 (24inches) and remain evergreen.

Sally's Shell

These are very versatile spring colour, happy to grow in light sun or partial shade and very successful in pots. with proud facing taller flowers than most hellebore and of course the beautiful marbled foliage.

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