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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Spring Flowering Clematis

C. montana Rubens
Many of the best spring flowering clematis are alpina and macropetala and montana varieties.
Link to our Climbing Plant Talk on Saturday 12th May

The macropeta varieties are coming out now and the alpina will follow in a few weeks. These clematis are perfect for scrambling and a burst of early spring colour. They are unlikely to get clematis wilt as they are on a different rootstock.

Clematis alpina Jacqueline du Pre

Clematis alpina Francis Rivis

Clematis alpina Blue Dancer

Clematis macropetala Purple Sider

Clematis macropetala Broughton Bride

Clematis Early Sensation

Early Sensation is neither an alpina or a macropetala. It falls into the early evergreen categories, with small dark green feathery foliage. Similar in some ways to Cartmanii Joe as it was bred from paniculata varieties in New Zealand. Its a mass of fresh limey white flowers on soft evergreen foliage. 

 We do stock a vast number of evergreen clematis from the cirrhosa varieties to the enormous and large leathery leave Armandii.

Clematis Wisley Cream
 A mass of fresh Lime green bells open for early spring in the lovely clematis Wisley Cream make this a spring favorite.

Montana Rubens Superba

The Montana family of clematis perform in the spring and like the name there are a huge number of varieties in white to pale pink/pastle tones to dark deep pink.These are noted for getting rather large and are ideal for scalling fences and buildings. They are excellent for archways. To prune simple remove the 3 D's(dead, diseased and damaged) and trim to the height you want the plant to remain as  with many shrubs.

Clematis armandii is perfect if you need a strong evergreen to cover a large area. Deep green leaves and a mass of fragrant white flowers in spring make it an excellent choice in the right place with enough space.

Clematis armandii

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