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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Three Top Evergreens Looking Good Today

Ramnus Argenteovariegata
Evergreen foliage in winter can be very colourful. All these shrubs are hardy and easy to grow. Ramnus Argenteovariegata, Nandinda domestica Blush Pink and Osmanthus Goshiki
All are on our looking good beds here at the nurseries today looking their best.

Ramnus (Italian Buckthorn) is a large bushy evergreen shrub no garden should be without. Smallish but striking silvery variegated leaves make it a great contrasting plant. Its very hardy.

Nandinda domestica Blush Pink

Nandinda domestica Blush Pink
Its had to beat nandina when its colour you need. This is a particularly vivid evergreen variety. This variety retains the blush pink foliage and turns deeper red throughout the year. It is a foliage variety rather than a flowering variety and it will deliver colour all year.

Osmanthus is striking. The frosty evergreen colour is sharp and stands out above all others. Its a really reliable tough shrub.
Osmanthus Goshiki

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