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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

East Ruston The Old Vicarage Garden In North Norfolk

A beautiful garden with echos of many of my favourite great gardens such as  Hicote and Great Dixter but also totally remarkable and exciting with a delightful appeal of its own. This garden is a credit to those who have  brought it to life

Tucked away in the depths of North Norfolk along the beautiful coast line is a 32 acre fabulous garden. its inspired and in one visit you can not see it all. Fresh well executed idea make this a thoroughly modern but sensitively traditional all at the same time.Its the best of both. The work of two guys who clearly are passionate about the place.
Many different themes of garden come together quiet harmoniously to make one garden.
Great tea for light lunch and generous friendly staff . The place feels loved and welcoming.

Menander along the paths and just enjoy the journey through woodland ,courtyards, topiary, Mediterranean,exotic and so on.I particularly loved the wild hydreangeas and use of silver birch including a walkway.

The acanthus spikes were grand arround the pagoda in this inviting courtyard. Formal topiary brought you into this space.

 I have to point out these exotic tubular bells seein here in orange but also in white in the garden. Simply stunning. It must be a warm space.

 Hydrangea grown in natural setting such as these are simply one of my favourite things. Particularly the large paniculata varieties in white and the many lacecap flowers, though these mop heads were heavenly.

  Another picture window. Couldn't just be a door.

 or a window!

Not only is it gardens within gardens its also a landscape. The suprise framing of the the churches and light house is lovely.

Inpired planting and very artisitic.

This is the way to the Mediterranean garden. A grand and quiet a formal invitation.

 Poised to catch afternoon sun.

  Step into the cutting garden.

And the fruit garden with the fruit house. This is ambitious.

This is fantastic. A total indulgence of silver birch trees under planted with skimmia making a perfect wild avenue. Possibly my favourite bit challenged by the naturalistic planting below also outstanding using layres of texture and colour. So tactile you want to put out your hand and feel it.

The inviting vantage point that feels almost like a structure you may find on safari. The sculpted water is admired and enjoyed.

 Imagination uses what is natural to its absolute best.

And theres more Link to Exotic Garden>>

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