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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Mother's Day Primroses

Mother’s Day Primroses
Mother’s Day always requires a few pretty primroses. Perfect to plant in a little spring basket and give as a gift to Mum. We are drawn to the vivid hybrid varieties and I find most of us can’t resist at least a handful of the colourful varieties in our pots and tubs.

I think there is nothing more beautiful than the soft yellow primrose Primula Vulgaris (the common Primrose) naturalising with the bluebells, ferns, polemonium, bergenia and dicentra under the trees.

We overlook how many different primroses exist and how pretty and unusual they can be, it would be a very long list of varieties. Most of us remember the common Oxslip or cow slip as it was originally called because it was often seen in fields with cows. Primula Veris still grows wild in meadows and often in deciduous woodlands. It’s a tough little plant.

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