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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Early Spring Sweet Scented Flowers

Daphne mezereum
Sweet scented pale blossom makes a wonderful beacon or satellite for emerging bees should they by chance not see the paler shades.

 We have 3 wonderful daphnes in stock that are all all divine. Daphne mezereum has a complete covering of blossom along its long stems, which should wave about spreading their scent perfectly for attention. Daphne odora and its varigated and gold form below have delicate cluster of pale pink blossom and evergreen foilage Daphne fans should not  don't overlook the later flowering Daphne Burkwodii which has purply pink blossom and a small semi evergreen leaf.

Daphne odora aureomarginata

 Osmanthus Burkwoodii below makes a sted fast hardy upright medium shrub(2.5 metres) that can also be used for hedges with the added bonus of spring blossom and wonderful fragance.

Osmanthus Burkwodii

 Osmanthus Delavayii  is another evergreen variety we have on the beds at the moment budding up and ready to bloom. Delavayii has clusters of highly scented white flowers and rounded evergreen foliage. Its usually grown as a medium shrub that grows upto 1.5 metres, it is a very tough plant.

Lonicera fragrantisima
Lonicera fragrantisima is a  just devine we have this shrubby honeysuckle mingled in with our mixed shrub hedges and enjoy the very early spring blossom.
Lonicera Winter Beauty is a more traditional climbing honeysuckle that comes very highly recomended with its fragrant  white
blossoms from December to March.

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