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Friday, 28 October 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas From The Shop And Nurseries

You may find Christmas shopping easy but if your like us, short of time with hectic lives it can become another pressure at a busy time of year. Trawling the high street takes time so don't, instead pop to Preston Bissett for those individual presents.

 We too have gorgeous candles, mugs, chocolates and deli items for the easy hampers and gifts but we also have some rather unique gifts you will not find on the high street.
We are also well stocked with some lovely decoration.Click here if you would like a preview 

 We try to select  items that feel bespoke and yet don't break the bank.

Red Letter Gifts As well as our Gift Vouchers new for this Christmas we have made it easy to buy a workshop as a gift and we have cards you can present.

What might make a special gift

 What do you give the person who has everything. Here is a suggestion, how about one of these vintage style wind mobiles. This gorgeous little plane is propelled round with the wind. No fixing require, its supporting pole to which it is attached goes straight into the soil.

Root it out 

 A rather bespoke range of indoor or out door furniture has arrived. Each piece is different.

 More root furniture images if you click here
This is a root swivel bar stool. The collection doesn't stop there as there are beautiful tables, benches and mushrooms, yes mushrooms to go with it! I believe mushrooms are popular.

Cold Feet
If your relatives and friends get cold feet perhaps they might like our very warm goat socks which will arrive in the shop next week. Its a very practical present but a superior choice of sock. Made using British goats.

Belltree Forge
Beautiful bespoke lamps, candles sticks and fire furniture all hand forged. One of our personal favourite lines which we continue to order. These would make very special presents.

These make lovely gifts especially when they look like ours. Made in Scotland.

Bird baths and bird tables have always been an appreciated gift and they bring the wildlife into the garden.

 If its a special shrub have you considered a cloud pruned bush might suit. Its architectural interest will  bring character to your garden. Many different shrubs can be successfully cloud pruned including things like evergreen osmanthus, holly and box.

These are not just any pots they are fabulous pots. They are huge dramatic garden features. They can be planted or used as sculpture.

 We have water features below perhaps something someone in your family has always wanted but alas Norman the Nursery cat, who will always pop up somewhere is not for sale! 
For the person whose got everything they wont have one of these. We have thought of everything! 

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