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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Visiting Great Dixter in the Footsteps of the Great Christopher Lloyd #GreatDixter #Christopher Lloyd

If you like informality and cottage garden style herbaceous planted to create outstanding contrasts you will love Great Dixter.

No shortage of welcoming containers adorn the entrance.

 July is probably the perfect time of year to visit. The striking colours palettes highlight every feature.
 Have you every seen borders created from rustic pots so successfully. Its so simple but simply wonderful.
 Catch your eye with this magnificent Gunera under planted or should I say complimented perfectly with  a vast number of hostas in pots.
 The pond and surrounding planting is serene and inviting. It invites you to stay and each time you open your eyes and look you will see something new.
 The splash of red geraniums bring the perfect balanced vision to life.
 Angles fishing rods (Dierama) not easy to grow requiring a well drained position but certainly a show stopping plant.
 Perfect plants supports in a cottage garden full of character.
 Highlights and new vistas in every direction.

 Border after border of delightful combinations of herbaceous with some annuals.

 Soft planting in a place you may choose to sit and rest.Calming white hydrangeas and a foil created with bamboo.

 The rustic charm of an old barrow that just happened to be temporarily abandoned.
 The resident cat has a hard life.
Always a splash of colour. In many spots annuals have been clearly position to maximise the colour in a border.

 Accents of colour perfectly positioned.

 Sculptural topiary cuts into the skyline.
 Simple touches bring old features to life.
The proportions and balance make a perfect picture out of the simplest classic terracotta.

Great Dixter had character and plants in abundance. It is a delight to go round and there is a charming spot for coffee and light snacks and lunches (sensibly priced) situated by the little Nurseries where you can still buy a few plants cultivated from the garden stock.

 The only down side is there is very very little shelter on a rainy day. but as I've booked a heat wave I think its safe to visit! This is one of mine and Peter's favourite gardens.

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