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Friday, 1 April 2016

Feeding the #Garden in April

Fritillaria meleagris 

  • Plant hanging baskets under cover to get established for the end of May.
  • Prick out seeds and continue to pot on plugs and rooted cuttings.
  • Prune the shrubs that flowered late last year and your hedges.
  • Sew main crop vegetables such as carrots ,parsnips etc.
  • Plant the main crop potatoes.
  • Container grown plants can be planted all year round. So plant now and enjoy this year. More on Spring Plants >>  Early Spring Colour >>
  • Lime before its too late. It will not be leached out of the soil before the plants start growing. Liming with help heavy cloddy clay soils to form a more crumbly structure
  • If you didn’t dig your garden and top with manure ,soil conditioners or some form of organic mater in the Autumn its not too late to get on with it now, it will just be more manual. If you dug it over and exposed the clods to break down over the winter well done.

  • Feed the garden now by sprinkling on fertilizer because you plants are about to grow and require food. Growmore or Fish Blood and Bone both good general feeds and seaweed is very good containing lots of additional minerals. 
  • Feed can be absorbed into the soil and used as the plants soon begin to grow in the warmer weather,
  • It is time to sort the lawn out. Repair it or reseed it. Give it a light trim and feed it.
  • Plant deciduous trees, shrub, herbaceous, alpines, most things can be planted comfortably now. Avoid planting when the ground is wet and sticky.
  • Don’t over look planting your new fruit bushes, taking advantage of the variety of different berries now available. More on Fruit Planting >>
  • Generally tidy up, that means get rid of your weeds and clear your paths of moss.
  • Watch out for slugs! Remember some sprinkle a small amount of pellets under vulnerable plants do not sprinkle them like talk. More on Pests and Diseases >>
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