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Thursday, 28 April 2016

New Summer Bedding Varieties Are Available Every Year

Every year there are new plants more compact varieties, fascinating shades, better flowering habit and this year is no exception.
Here are a few pic from this morning of some of the new plants that have courteously flowered a little early so I could take a snap in the tunnels.

Our tunnels are full of summer bedding. Cara busy pricking out plants

Bidens Hawaiian Flare
The is a wow colour. Bidens is a vigorous trailing plant but this new orange as opposed to variants of yellow is fantastic. I want to plant it with red verbena and geraniums.

Calibrachoa Sunshine Berry
Calibrachoa appears like a very tiny trailing petunia These two very unusual varieties have two tones flowers. In previous years they have all been plain colours.
Geranium Grandeur Power Blush
Geranium Grandeur Power Violet

Trailing ivy leafed Grandeur geraniums will be study and substantial.They are noted as being more weather resistant then previous varieties. The colours are lovely and cross the whole spectrum.

Geranium Decora Bicolour
These single ivy geraniums are ideal for planting alone to make those classic french style planters. Decora have been an excellent series of Geraniums for a long time and this colour looks no exception.
Nemesai Bicolour Magenta

Nemesai Bicolour Rose

This is a plant that has been steadily grown in popularity. Nemesia grows upright therefore you may plant a whole pot in nemesia alone or should you choose, mix it successfully with other upright center piece plants like geraniums, fuchsias, marguerite's and osteospernums. These two new colours will definitely hit the spot. Two shades of petal and yellow centers.

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