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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Don't Forget To Feed The Birds

This time of year you really do need to start feeding the birds. Once the berries have gone and the frosts start they will be hungry. We have a comprehensive range of bird food here at the Nurseries.

 Pet Face Bird Food

2kg                  Multi-Seed Mix                                             £2.65
2kg                  No mess No Grow Seed Blend                     £2.85
4kg                  No Mess No Grow Seed Blend                     £4.85
4kg                  Multi-Seed Mix                                             £4.85
12.75kg            Multi-Seed Mix                                             £9.95
12.75kg            No Mess No Grow Seed Blend                     £12.95
2kg                  Peanuts                                                        £6.95
4kg                  Peanuts                                                        £12.95
12.75kg            Peanuts                                                        £24.95
2kg                  Nyjer Seed                                                   £6.95
4kg                  Nyjer Seed                                                   £11.95
400g                Dried Mealworms                                         £7.95
1kg                  High Energy Seed and Insect Blend                 £2.85
2kg                  Sunflower Hearts                                          £6.50
4kg                  Sunflower Hearts                                          £11.95
12.75kg            Sunflower Hearts                                          £24.95
1.5kg               Black Sunflower Seed                                     £4.75
1kg                  Robin Seed and Insect Blend                          £2.85
2kg                  Robin Seed and Insect Blend                          £4.95
280g                Suet Treat Cake                                            £1.95
                       6 Pack of No Net Fat Balls                             £1.50
180g                Coco Suet Feeder                                         £1.60
750g                Berry Suet Treats                                          £3.75

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