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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Sudeley Castle Another Fantastic Garden to Visit

Steeped in Tudor and Plantagenet history is the delightful Sudeley Castle. Not only is the castle itself full of well documented fascinating stories of old relating to the life of Katherine Parr and earlier our beloved Richard III (Duke of Gloucester) the grounds are full of character and beautifully planted. I could have spent much longer here than my allotted visit.

 Elizabeth I topiary

This is quiet an ambitious topiary project. It will be very imposing when finished, its certainly impressive. I wonder what really happened here. Did Elizabeth and Thomas Seymour have a relationship. Did something untoward happen. In a time before celebrity status was invented he must have been one of the hottest heart throbs. Katherine Parr rejected as regent married disgracefully within two months of Henry 8th death and writer of a best seller. She was a strong and interesting character who probably set Elisabeth the perfect example of a strong woman.

When I say character of the gardens I am referring to the mulberry tree , the private walk through the white archways leading to Katherine's private entrance to the chapel, the Secret Garden constructed by Rosemary Verey, the vast topiary set into the landscape and the delightful ruins which scramble with plants and so forth. It's an interesting landscape and it is extremely thoughtfully planted. I particularly liked the colour in the new Secret Garden.

Katherine Parr and Lady Jane Grey her ward would leave for prayer through this door to the chapel every day.The two ladies would walk from the door through the white arches to Katherine's private door at the back of the chapel.

Katherine Parr,s short daily walk to the private entrance to the chapel

Actinida climbs beautifully up the wall.

The courtyard knot garden had a certain intimate charm.

Water pouring smoothly over a blue Moorish mosaic tiled water. The knot garden is enclosed leading to a walkway covered in grape vines at one end and a beautifully red tipped colourful actinida climber covering the wall above the bench.

Entrance to the Secret Garden

Inside the Secret Garden
A recent addition by the current owners is this cosy Secret Garden Planted originally by Rosemary Verey the combination of plants and the colour is fantastic

Vast landscapes

The ruins of the royal apartments where Katherine Parr would have resided.

A clematis frames and scrambles a gateway in the tithe Barn

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