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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

How to Choose Your #Seeds in Spring

Seeding Success This Spring.

Where do we start when selecting seeds?
Should we stick with the varieties we know? Perhaps we are inclined to select old favourites. Varieties we may remember our granddad grew.

I sense a conundrum. There is a huge choice. Every spring new varieties appear on the vegetable seed rails.

Our growing environment has changed over the years. Climate has modified and the balance of pests, diseases, virus and chemicals in our soil has evolved.

It is realistic to expect the new f1 hybrid varieties have gone some way to meeting these changes.

When selecting your seeds this spring look beyond the name. Check for the extra qualities you require.

Look for resistance to diseases, such as club root, which we would all like to eliminate. If your soil is heavy clay, prone to becoming acidic and over wet. This resistance is imperative.

Many new varieties are more prolific, with greater yields.
Uniform growth and colour is very important if your entering the local produce show.

We can’t argue enough the importance flavour. Home grown vegetables should taste fantastic. They are fresh and usually contain far more vitamins than bought vegs, that may have been stored before selling. If they have thrived they should have high sugar levels contributing to wonderful taste.

If something you grew last year did not perform in your soil, or was ravaged by pests, source improved qualities at seed level first.

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