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Monday, 16 March 2015

Top tips for sorting the garden in just a few hours this March.

This weekend I had a few short impact burst in the garden clearing away the scruffy old flower heads and foliage that has died back. Quick chop with the old loppers and raked up the mess.
A quick hoe to scrape out any weeds while the soil is pliable.
Top up the borders with some fresh soil conditioner which will improve structure and release some nutrients into the ground.
If your feeling very good go round your borders with an edging tool and they will look so smart.
You will probably find a few gaps. I found a few holes amongst my achilleas, anthemis daisies, leucanthemum, hemerocallis, asters, red geums and cranes bill geraniums. I found three and this is what I chose.

Choice plants I found for my orangey hot border were: Geum Totally Tangerine photo 1. The new geum launched by Rosy Hardy at Chelsea in 2010.

 It creates a bright display all summer long. It forms a low mound of coarse, fuzzy green leaves with very tall branching stems holding large bright apricot to tangerine blooms. Very floriferous and a robust grower. Height 55-70 cm 21 inches Spread 40-45 cm 16-18 inches. Flowers early to late summer.
Kniphopia 'Papaya Popsicle' Intoduced also in 2010. Its a dwarf red hot poker. Starts flowering in June and goes right through to October and sets a border on fire!
This is a compact, easy-to-grow plant.The architectural flower spikes arise from elegant, grass-like foliage. A prolific bloomer with spikes of flowers the colour of orangey ripe papayas. Prefers full sun, or partial shade with free-draining soil. Height and spread 35-45cm x 35 cm. Loved by bees and butterflies. Won international plant awards for excellence. Deer resistant. Drought tolerant.

Euphorbia characias 'Black Pearl'. Photo 2. Quiet a structural solid green plant.Its a bushy evergreen perennial with grey-green leaves and flowers lime green and dotted with black and yellow eyes. Evergreen foliage is succulent, holding onto water wonderfully. Max Height 24 in - 3 ft Max Spread 24 in - 3ft. Flowers April to June. All year round architectural interest.

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