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Monday, 2 March 2015

Interesting Products for 2015 include Vintage Gardening Lines

Here is just a small selection of product we have for 2015

These are some of our new lines that have arrived already, some you may notice are a little vintage and we hope to continue with these classy products through the year.

Real old milk churns

Reproduction milk churns in large  and small.

Classic zinc containers perfect for red geraniums

The old tractor seat is quirky but a must have and comfortable to sit on. Height is adjustable.

Classic style National Trust pots in tasteful colours

Tasteful Agapanthus and fern embellished pots in warm colours

We should all make our own plant food with this organic plant food  container

A fantastic find we now have real cart wheels

Copper Style Pots 4 sizes

Cider Pots

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