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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Learn About Gardening History

Our talk in March is' Many A Sundry Flower' >>

Michael will talk about the early uses of plants, medical, culinary and cosmetic and practical at Preston Bissett Nurseries. His talks are informative and light hearted,

Throughout history mankind has used plants for many different beneficial reasons, such as food, medicine, cosmetics, lighting, but some uses were more sinister.Whether you wanted to appear more beautiful, relieve pain, improve a meal or kill a few rats and possibly there were plants for every need. This talk will provide a fascinating insight into the use of plants in bygone times.

Michael Brown has an MA in Garden History and is an ex Head Gardener and College Lecturer in
horticulture, with a passionate interest in garden history and how the gardens were created and
Michael designed the medieval garden for The Prebendal Manor at Nassington in Northamptonshire,
where he still leads garden tours; he has also acted as a consultant for other historic gardens projects.
He is now Conservation Officer for Northamptonshire Gardens Trust.
Michael will also provide displays of historic gardening from the Romans to World War 1 for historic
events, country Fairs etc. Michael has been re-creating medieval pilgrimages since 1982. He has
walked to many sites in Britain and Europe travelling as a medieval pilgrim.

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